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Allow Parents to be the main contact for Yearbook Sessions

We currently have to put the senior's name as the client with their info ect. As 80% of the scheduling is done with the parents because they want them to be in the YB and or bring them, and because we want to communicate with the parents mainly. Also when they want to pay something from this session or schedule a different session it is easier to have the parents as the clients. Many of them have more than one child and will be back for YB session with them. I would like to see in the organization section instead of the parents name there why not put the student's name and let us (for those who want to) choose this field as part of the YB CD process. That organization field is all about the student except for the parents name

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  • Ahmed Ismail commented  · 

    This is VERY important. Our kids do NOTHING other than show up for the appointment (if their parents remind them).

    They are NOT our clients, the parents are. Right now, we end up loading the student as the client and loading the parent's email address.

    This kind of workaround makes for clunky personalization of emails, especially when you don't have mapped fields for each relationship.

    The parent drives the spending--they arethe one we need to have the ability to personalize emails to, etc.

  • M commented  · 

    Also fields for gender and secondary email ext. Using custom fields works but is limited.

  • Bob Lubell commented  · 

    Better for legal needs. A 17 year old can't make a contract. Very important.

  • Mikel Conrad commented  · 

    Strongly recommend this!!!! I deal with the parent 80+% of the time and not the kids. Much easier to find when a parent comes in to pick up orders if they happen to have a different last name as the student, about 25% do. Putting the name and phone # of the student in the organization field would be better because that area is ALL about the student. And then having the option to get the student's name from there, where their YB photo is listed, for the YB CD would give both options for your clients. Those who prefer to use the students as the clients and those like me who prefer to use the parents as the clients.

  • Kibbee commented  · 

    Would be nice to have the Parent Name & Phone number fields in the Organization Tab auto-populate with from the client info, too.

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