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Make auto correct an option.

We sometimes want to type in company names in all caps and Spectra used to let us do so but now it auto corrects it to have only the first letter capitalized. IBM should not be Ibm.

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Turville Photography shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Roger Ele commented  · 

    Yeah - the F3 trick ... can't ever seem to remember it when I have a client sitting at the desk with me entering their info. A hover tip / tool tip on the client name field at the least please - or do away with this altogether. People can be responsible for what they type. At the very least go with common convention and underline in red until the new record is saved - so spell check instead of auto correct.

    Just saying, life is better without the secret handshakes :)

  • Kwinten Verspeurt commented  · 

    The same with family names if it is 'Van den Bergh' It makes 'Van Den Bergh'. Capitalised first letters in names or the lack of it sometimes indicates if the people have Royal blood. So this is sometimes very sensitive to them...

  • Ahmed Ismail commented  · 

    This is a HUGE pain in the neck. A simple "on/off" toggle in the Preferences would be a blessing.

    The same thing goes for the program taking you to the zip code from the address rather than allowing the person inputting to type the information without having to constantily monitor the screen.

    It's nice to have the bells and whistles, but they really slow down input.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Similarly I don't seem to be able to have a client's name as consecutive capitals, it autocorrects the second letter to lower case. The workaround is to insert a space between letters but that is not always appropriate.

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